Logo design: Throwback to better times

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Logo design: Throwback to better times

As part of a major overhaul, the Co-op has gone retro with its logo and taken it back to a design similar to one that was originally used in 1968. After testing times in recent years, all arms of Co-op will be rebranded to create a better sense of community, coinciding with plans to reinstate its members’ dividends by 2018 and give back to members and other good causes. So why does reverting the logo back to an old design work so well?

The Co-operative has been a British institution for years. Established in 1844, the Co-op is well-rooted in family life throughout the generations – how many of us remember our grandparents or parents talking affectionately about their local Co-op, ‘divi’ or ‘divi number’ or collecting stamps for special items like dinner sets or porcelain dolls? The Co-op was an organisation that gave back to its members and customers and seemed like it cared through actions such as helping introduce Fairtrade to the UK.

The new design has been redrawn from archive material and given an updated colour scheme. The typeface has also been modernised to work across all platforms – digital, print and in-store. Giving a modern touch to this classic design which many hold in high regard brings a sense of nostalgia and almost reinstates a sense of trust in the brand, a lot of which has been lost in recent years.

So, how have other brand logos stood the test of time?


Since the first Coca-Cola drinks hit the shelves in 1886, the logo hasn’t changed much. The biggest change was undertaken early on, in 1890-1891, but was quickly changed back to the original design with a few refinements. Since then little has changed other than slight modernisation, keeping almost exactly the same logo for over 125 years!


The Apple logo is simple and easily recognisable – it’s become so iconic that it’s not had any major changes since 1977. However, the logo differs hugely from the original logo in 1976 which was a detailed drawing of Isaac Newton sitting underneath a tree before the apple fell on his head. To coincide with the launch of the brand’s first personal computer, a simpler design was required. The simple shape with multi-coloured stripes has since only been updated a handful of times with different fills, such as flat black and a chrome finish. As the brand became more and more popular, major overhauls of the brand became unnecessary as the logo, and the company, became so iconic.

Which brands’ logos do you think are most easily recognised? Which logos do you trust? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting us @TheWeeAgency

Posted: 24/05/2016 16:36:44 by Eilidh Marshall
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