The Future of Digital Marketing

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The Future of Digital Marketing

The iPhone is only seven years old but is now so integrated in our lives it is difficult to remember life before its invention. So what will the digital landscape look like in the next seven years? The Wee Agency attended seminars entitled The Future of Digital, and Future Trends and Technologies at Go North Festival. Here, we look at some of the key points of discussion.

People will become their own brands
We look far less to the mainstream now and this trend is set to continue. People are becoming their own brands and are having huge influences. Take YouTube blogger PewDiePie, for example, his simple video concepts have given him one of the fastest growing YouTube channels with 27.5 million subscribers. The dynamics of jobs are already changing; many fashion bloggers are regarded as influential as the top fashion editors and the retail industry often choose their models not just based on how they look but also how many followers they have on Instagram.

More than ever, brands need to connect with individual consumers and digital provides a way to do this. Take Coca-Cola’s Valentine’s Day ‘Love is in the air’ advert for example. This was not made by an advertising giant but by a 23 year old from Auckland in one afternoon and became Coca Cola’s most proliferated advert (with over 300,000 views and more than 30,000 shares). With the increasing number of digital marketing channels available, customers are becoming more disconnected from big organisations and more connected to their communities and peers, meaning brands will have to work much harder to capture their target market’s attention.

Big Data will have big impact
The individual will be the next big thing in digital marketing. Brands will connect with their target audiences on a more one-to-one basis and ‘big data’ will help them to do that. Companies can already track where we travel, what we spend our money on, and which websites we view, and their marketing teams will likely find clever ways to use this information to advertise to us effectively. Think digital posters which use your Facebook details and then merge the faces of two of your closest Facebook friends as you walk past as you are more likely to notice the advertising. Brands will know a lot about us as they track, trace and number crunch data on our shopping habits, preferences, and even our current moods. There will be many more channels available meaning marketing will become more targeted in order to reach the right audience. Digital advertising in taxis which use data on our likes and preferences to advertise to us personally may not be too far away. Love Chinese food? An advert for the nearest Chinese to you will pop up on the screen tempting you to order your favourite dish.

Mobile and NFC are going to be huge
Mobile is going to be huge across all industries as brands gather detailed information on us and try to connect with customers on a very personal level. Music concerts and gigs will no longer be about going to see your favourite band and appreciating the music but increasingly will become about human interaction between fans. Mobile apps will encourage audiences to engage with the band and other concert goers by allowing them to talk to each other during the show, sharing photos and comments on social media. The days of just listening to the music and watching the band are numbered but the opportunities for brand engagement with audiences are huge.

Near Field Communication (NFC) - a form of contactless communication between devices is already available on many smartphones and tablets and is set to increase in usage over the coming years. Customers will be able to tap their smartphones on posters, in shops, and on public transport; taking them to company websites, discount vouchers, timetables, and letting them pay for items instantly. Guinness has already adopted this marketing communications tool where customers tap their smartphone onto branded beer taps which then gives them the chance to win a free pint.  Once NFC is combined with mobile the impact will be enormous and this gives brands huge opportunities to connect with customers. We will say goodbye to purses full of loyalty cards and vouchers - tapping our smartphones will become the norm.
What do you think the future of digital will look like?

Posted: 20/06/2014 12:38:53 by Rachael
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