How Brands Used Digital Marketing at Glasgow 2014

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How Brands Used Digital Marketing at Glasgow 2014

Events such as the Commonwealth Games give brands the opportunity to spur engagement and brand loyalty with audiences. Let’s take a look at some of the most creative digital marketing campaigns launched by partners of Glasgow 2014.


Irn Bru – Born Supporter

Irn Bru, an official supporter of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, designed a new mobile app to launch its Born Supporter campaign. The app allowed users to take a selfie of their ‘Born Supporter’ face and revealed which type of Born Supporter the user was, such as a Laldy Giver, Sofa Soldier or Nail Biter. The results could then be uploaded onto a digital sticker and shared on social network sites and Irn Bru’s online sticker album.

SSE - #GoGlasgow

SSE, the official energy partner of Glasgow 2014, asked the public to ‘join us in getting fanatical about your nation’ by encouraging twitter users to show their support using the hashtags #GoScotland #GoEngland #GoNI and #GoWales. Users could track the campaign’s progress by visiting the #GoGlasgow leaderboard which encouraged twitter users to help get their home nation to the top of the board and created further online buzz.

Genius Gluten Free - #ToastTheChampions

Genius Gluten Free, the official supplier of gluten-free baked products to the Commonwealth Games, asked the public to ‘send some love to the athletes at Glasgow 2014’ by printing words of encouragement on digital slices of toast. The #ToastTheChampions campaign allowed users to tweet their messages or post them onto their Facebook page which Genius then replied with the toasted message and encouraged users to share the images on social media sites.

Will your brand go digital for the next big sporting event? With the Ryder Cup just 50 days away perhaps you can get creative to engage with audiences and create some online buzz for your brand.


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